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Construction Industry Case Studies

Wood Waste Conveyor System

A building truss manufacturer was concerned about the amount of time spent by saw house workers clearing away sawdust, chips and blocks that accumulated as they cut wood truss components. This was a concern not only for the labor expense....

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Floor Covering Roll Rack

A flooring manufacturer was using wall-mounted racks holding 6 rolls of floor covering for its retail displays, but wanted to display more rolls in less floor space, while enabling easy unrolling and square cut off....

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Corner Brace Saw

At customer’s wall panel manufacturing line, carpenters had to crawl up onto the wall panel table to cut wind brace slots with a hand saw. This was creating a bottleneck in the customer’s wall panel line output, sore knees, and a potential increase in workers injury claims...

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Single Face Forms

Single faced median barriers for highway jobs were being specified with the same "Jersey" front shape but with a variety of thicknesses. In order to meet delivery schedules, the concrete precaster had to have a sufficient number of each different size form, which increased his cost...

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Heavy Duty Stacker

Customer's existing lumber stacker (not made by Graybill) for truss components was not rugged enough to withstand saw house conditions. It often would come apart, and parts got broken or bent, causing considerable down time...

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Saw Infeed Conveyor

After sawing a batch of wood truss components, a sawyer would have to wait for the forklift operator to bring the lumber for the next batch and set it on his trestles, reducing the saw output. If the batches were large, the last piece was some distance away from the saw...

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Cost Reducing Double Forms

To make his bid more competitive, a precaster of concrete median barriers had to reduce his concrete form costs. However, the production schedule still required purchasing enough forms to get sufficient pours per day to keep on schedule, while working in a limited pouring floor space...

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Forms With Precision Fabricated End Doors

A median barrier precaster was experiencing wasted time with his existing concrete forms because of poor fit of the end doors when preparing forms to pour. Each end fit only on the original end position of the form with which it was supplied, and when the identification markings became...

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