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Getting product from point A to point B isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If your product has special handling needs based on its shape, orientation, type of material, line rate, or secondary operations to be performed while on the conveying surface, then you might need a custom conveying solution.

Starting with our first work in the bakery and confectionery industries back in the mid 1950’s, we have offered the conveying systems necessary to allow a group of machines to operate as a true process line. Over the years we have refined our designs and added many features to our conveyor systems that allow us to address an increasing array of conveying needs, and do so in environments that require sanitary operation.

Some of the conveying solutions we can provide include:

Depending on the configuration, our custom conveyors can also be offered in a variety of conveying materials such as: flat polyurethane belt, round polyurethane belt, metal (wire) belt, plastic belt, and various types of fabric belt. Here are some of our more popular styles.

Specialty conveyors that differ from the styles above are commonly built, from 1” wide wire belt to 64” plastic or fabric belt. Whatever your custom conveying needs, we can provide solutions that help your equipment function as a highly productive process line.

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