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Dean Process Machine

This washdown process machine has an open frame design to eliminate dirt traps and ease access for cleaning. It allows for versatile arrangement of process stations to suit your product, and can be built as an intermittent motion machine that stops for operations to be performed, or as a continuous motion machine with stations that track the moving product. Some of the individual processes that can be integrated into a Dean Process Machine are:

More than just being a highly-customizable platform, the Dean Process Machine is comprised of a rugged, welded tubular stainless steel frame with no through holes and adjustable feet. It is designed for easy sanitation. Safety concerns are satisfied with a combination of safety doors with electrical interlocks, guards with tool-operated latches, and full length emergency stop cables.

Not only can we customize the Dean Process Machine to meet your specific needs, but also we can provide fine tuning features to improve your operation. You may want to adjust your filling deposit while running to adjust your deposit weights or move the starting and stopping points to optimize the deposit position or appearance. You may want to center your dough piece while running, or advance or retard it for least trimmings. You may want to change ratios while running to change the feed proportions, or adjust the dough stretch while observing the performance.

To set up for other products, you may also want to change internal machine ratios electronically from the touchscreen. In combination with change parts and control recipes, this can make the machine even more useful to run multiple types of product on the same line.

If you have the need for a highly customizable, high-production, washdown process machine, contact us to see if the Dean Process Machine is your solution.

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