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Plate Dropping & Cup Setting

Running a production line at the increased speeds and efficiencies desired today means that placing foils, trays, or cups rapidly and accurately requires automation. We can work with you to provide reliable solutions for your dropping and cup setting needs.

For example, our foil feeders accurately and consistently feed aluminum foil pans with rolled edges at production rates up to several hundred per minute! Typically, these mechanisms are rotary-action, mechanically-driven units that can handle a 30” tall vertical stack of nested foils. Our plate droppers can handle round, square, or rectangular foils from 4” square to 9” x 15” rectangular plates. They can also be configured for single or multiple lanes, or to work with single or multiple sizes. To provide you with even greater flexibility, these units can either be driven off of an existing machine or configured to have their own independent drive.

These same qualities mentioned above apply to our plastic tray droppers. With their tremendous popularity in the frozen food industry, plastic trays often require special dropping mechanisms based on their unique rim shapes.

We also make cup setters, cupcake paper denesters, and paper cup placers that put paper pan liners into pans. These paper cups and liners can be set in various types of pans, carriers, or moulds at rates that will certainly help you keep your production at full capacity.

Multi-lane, dual drop rectangular foil dropper
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