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Extrusion is one of the most basic and most useful processes in the bakery and confectionery industries. We’ve used it successfully with substances like bakery doughs, pasta, starches, crèmes, peanut butter, gums, and even pet food. Through the years, we’ve developed machines and mechanisms to accomplish a variety of extruding tasks. Some of these include:

Combination Extruding Equipment

While the process of extrusion and the related equipment might seem basic, when it is used in the proper combination with additional co-extrusion and forming equipment, very unique products can be created. Some of the unique products we have experience with include:

As you can see, extrusion is a highly valuable process because of its versatility to be used independently or in combination with other equipment and processes. In fact, when integrated with other processes like sheeting, depositing, filling, folding, crimping, cutting, and liquid or dry topping, the potential for creating innovative products is incredible. This type of process integration is where Graybill Machines truly shines. So how can we add our extrusion experience and process knowledge to your product ideas? Just contact us to find out.

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