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Q: Does Graybill Machines build its own equipment?

A: Yes. We have the design and manufacturing experience to develop and deliver machinery that meets your requirements. We build and test every machine in our facility to ensure it will perform dependably year after year when it gets to your facility.

Q: Why would I need a "custom" machine?

A: The need for custom machinery is usually determined by looking first at the commercial availability of "standard" equipment suitable for your application. To be deemed "suitable”, equipment should fully accommodate your process and meet your requirements for throughput, efficiency, configuration to fit your facility, sanitation, safety, and acceptable materials of construction. If any of these requirements are not fully met, then custom machinery can add value to your project, and in the case of producing unique products, it may be the only way to a feasible solution.

Q: What is "standard" equipment?

A: "Standard" equipment is machinery previously designed to perform a particular function and with the intent of repeated production. This type of equipment might be available in differing sizes or offered with various optional features, but its core function remains the same.

Q: Does Graybill Machines build “standard” equipment?

A: Yes. At times when we’ve seen a repeating need among our customers or a specific need not being met sufficiently within the industry, we have developed “standard” machines with various size and feature options. Some examples include our CFA high throughput center feeder for enrobing lines, our Dean Pie Machines, and our Apple Bagger.

Q: Describe some situations where “custom” equipment is particularly successful?

A: There are 3 basic situations that highlight the success of our custom equipment:

  1. Duplicating a hand process that needs to be accomplished with higher quality, increased throughput, or higher sanitary and safety standards. A good example of this was our automation of French twirl or crème horn shell production to increase quality and output, and eliminate repetitive motion issues for the operators.
  2. Improving a process beyond the capabilities of available equipment. A good example is our large pie machines that duplicate the process of making home-style, double crust fruit pies at 3 times the throughput of standard equipment while maintaining all the desirable pie characteristics.
  3. Developing an entirely new process for a new product. These are the projects we really get excited about! A great example of successful custom equipment in this situation was the completion of a machine that received curved, round chocolate pieces in multiple lanes at irregular timings, counted and loaded them into plastic cups, and discharged the loaded cups in a consistent, regular pattern.

Q: Can you integrate your machinery into equipment we already have?

A: Certainly! We pride ourselves in being able to do what other companies either can’t or won’t. This often means integrating our machinery for use with whatever equipment our clients currently use. Whether it’s an additional process that must be performed or a product handling need between two other machines, we can build equipment that truly works with what you already have. Some examples include cookie handling and placing equipment for use on an existing chocolate mould line, adding forming capabilities to an existing pretzel extruder to create “braided-style” pieces with high throughput, and line-tracking chocolate depositing equipment to more accurately and efficiently fill chocolate moulds.

Q: Does your company provide service for the machines you build?

A: Yes. We have a field service department that is fully capable of handling new equipment installations as well as ongoing service for previously installed equipment. Graybill Machines offers everything from replacement parts to entire machine rebuilds with mechanical and control upgrades for older equipment. And our field service is performed by the same personnel who build and test every machine before it leaves our facility. Take a look at our Services page to see the many ways we can serve you.

Q: Why should I consider Graybill Machines for a project in my facility?

A: We make it our goal to provide the best possible solution for your specific application. Our approach is often quite different from a typical equipment vendor with a product line to sell. Our experienced sales engineers work closely with our design engineers to accurately identify your needs and get your project started on the right foot. Furthermore, since we manufacture and assemble all our machinery in-house, we are able to furnish a final product that is customized, refined, and tested to meet or even exceed your requirements. This translates into quality machinery that shortens the payback on your investment and increases your profit potential.

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