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proc’ess – (n) a series of actions directed toward a specific aim

So what is a "process machine?"

Our definition of a process machine is a machine with multiple stations that performs sequential operations on a product. This machine may be single-lane or multi-lane. It may be a primary process machine that initially makes the product, such as making a pie, or a secondary process machine that performs later operations to the product, such as icing a cake. It may develop your proprietary processes, or be an efficient combination of more well-known processes.

Here are some examples of custom process machine lines we have developed :

What specialized process are you wrestling with? Maybe you're developing a brand new product. Maybe you’re trying to increase the efficiencies associated with an existing process. Or maybe you’re attempting to automate a very labor-intensive process to improve product uniformity, reduce scrap rate, and boost productivity and profit. Whatever it is, you can count on our understanding of the processes behind the finished product to help you reach your goals.

We've become so accustomed to working with some of the processes listed above that we’ve developed some standard machine platforms that are still highly customizable for your particular needs. Click the button to the right for more information about our flagship process line.

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