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Registration & Feeding

Reliable product registration and feeding are absolutely foundational to the success of any automated system. We at Graybill Machines, Inc. have an extensive history of accomplishing this critical task with a variety of product types.
Basic product handling functions accomplished by our equipment may include:

Registration and feeding often takes place between two different pieces of machinery. The registration and feeding machinery must be custom tailored to a specific product and have the ability to both receive that product from one machine and deliver it to the next in the exact configuration needed. We have a very successful track record doing just that in the following areas:

Feeding Discrete Items from Bulk

Registration and feeding also is commonly necessary when working with bulk-fed products to prepare them for operations like enrobing, icing, or simply packaging. In the past we have developed a number of machines to perform diverse tasks such as…

Within this category of work, we are now pleased to introduce a new machine, the Model CFA Center Feeder, to handle the specific needs of enrobing lines. Click the button to the right to find out more.

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