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Are you producing highly unique, delicate, or difficultly shaped products that require custom packaging solutions? Do you want to place your product in a very unique package? Or would you like to automate a packaging process that is still being done by hand? If so, we can help.

Developing specialized packaging equipment is only a natural extension of our proficiency in designing quality registration and feeding machinery. Here are some specific examples of packaging scenarios we've completed:

For large (up to 10” diameter) round food products such as cakes and pies, we have end-load cartoning optimized specifically for those products. These cartoners, in service since 1980, feature stainless steel and aluminum unpainted construction as standard, with mechanisms offset outside the product zone, allowing clear space below the product zone for ease of cleaning. These continuous motion cartoners are available in dedicated or adjustable size.

Whether it’s large products like layer cakes in single lanes, or small confectionery products in multiple lanes, we can develop custom packaging solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the rest of your production line. As is the case with all our machinery, our packaging equipment is designed and built to provide year after year of repeatable, dependable cycling.

Stacking for Packaging Stackable Product
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