Boston Cream Pie Machine

A contract baker was making Boston Crème Pies (cakes) by hand, and needed to reduce the labor required, as well as improve the quality. These pies were made by cutting a cake, depositing filling on the bottom, pressing the cake top in place, and applying icing. Differences in cut height, along with not getting the same top back on its mating bottom, were resulting in irregular product appearance and weight differences.

Graybill designed and built a completely automated Boston Cream Pie Machine that loads the pie, grips the top while cutting it off, lifts the top, deposits the filling, presses the top back onto the bottom in the correct orientation, places a disc of icing on the top and unloads the pie. Graybill has also done similar processing of snack cakes up to 15 lanes wide, with the tops carried on a bridge conveyor with special top registration equipment to place the halves back together.

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