Are you producing highly unique, delicate, or difficultly shaped products that require custom packaging solutions? Do you want to place your product in a very unique package? Or would you like to automate a packaging process that is still being done by hand? If so, Graybill Machines can help.

Automate Your Packaging Process

Whether it’s large products like layer cakes in single lanes, or small confectionery products in multiple lanes, we can develop custom packaging solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the rest of your production line. As is the case with all our machinery, our packaging equipment is designed and built to provide year after year of repeatable, dependable cycling.

Common Packaging Processes

Similar to our registration and feeding machines, specialized packaging machines must be custom designed to your product line and needs. However, there are common packaging actions that can be adapted to your line. Our team is experienced at implementing these common packaging processes:

  • Carton loading of dedicated or adjustable size
  • Cup and tray loading
  • Stacking and collating product for packaging
  • Placing single & multiple products in packs
  • Cartoning infeeds
  • Wrapper infeeds
  • Cup and foil feeders
  • Servo corner transfers
  • Apple bagger for filling tote bags
  • Bag loader for product in trays
  • Pie accumulator

Standard Designs

While each project we take is unique, we have developed some machinery solutions that are standard designs. Our standard designs have already been engineered, tested, and are currently in live production lines. Each is available for customization to meet your needs and desired production capabilities.

Recent Specialized Packaging Projects

See how we’ve recently helped customers improve their packaging processes.

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