Manufacturing your product requires dozens if not hundreds of processes to happen with precision, speed, and efficiency. Trust Graybill to develop solutions with custom process machines.

Adding Process Efficiencies to Your Line

What specialized process are you wrestling with? Maybe you’re developing a brand-new product. Maybe you’re trying to increase the efficiencies associated with an existing process. Or maybe you’re attempting to automate a very labor-intensive process to improve product uniformity, reduce scrap rate, and boost productivity and profit. Whatever it is, you can count on our understanding of the processes behind the finished product to help you reach your goals.

Process Machine Examples

Most production lines have bottlenecks or labor-intensive processes that can be improved. By automating these processes, you can reduce waste, improve throughput, and increase efficiency on your line.

  • Pie Shell machines – Foil dropping, dough portioning, shell forming, unloading
  • Sugar wafer book handling – Cutting, separating, spreading, aligning, feeding for enrobing
  • Snack cake line finishing –Loading, injecting, icing, collating & feed to packing
  • Pasta machines – Sheeting/extruding, forming, filling, cutting, conveying
  • Boston Cream pie machines – Loading, slicing, filling, topping, icing, unloading
  • Pie machines – Foil dropping, dough sheeting, filling, crimping, oven loading
  • Cream horn forming – Dough feeding, cutting, twirling
  • Cream horn filling – Loading, cone removal, cooling, filling, grouping for packing
  • Honeybun production – Cutting, orienting, spacing, loading proofer

Process Machine Projects

See some past process machines we’ve built for our customers.

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