Extrusion is one of the most basic and most useful processes in the bakery and confectionery industries. Whether you are working with bakery dough, pasta, starches, cremes, crèmes, peanut butter, gums, or pet food, Graybill Machines can provide machines and mechanisms to accomplish your extruding tasks.

Custom Equipment for Food Extrusion Process

Extrusion is a common food manufacturing process and is foundational in producing candy, pretzels, licorice, and baked snacks. The team at Graybill is experienced at developing machines that make the extrusion process easier, more efficient, and work better with the rest of the manufacturing line. By trusting Graybill, you can enhance your production line with extrusion equipment you can depend on.

Common Food Extrusion Processes

Extrusion can be a useful process for a variety of food products – including pretzels and candy. Plus, combining extrusion with additional co-extrusion and forming equipment can lead to unique products. We’ve developed machines and mechanisms to accomplish a variety of extruding tasks:

  • Complete extruders with forming heads and cutters
  • Extruders to produce continuous ropes
  • Custom forming heads and cutting devices for third party extruders
  • Co-extrusion equipment to combine materials
  • Unique forming heads for multi-strand twists, spirals, etc.
  • Extruders to produce continuous, flat sheets or strips of dough, icing, or candy

Standard Designs

While each project we take is unique, we have developed some machinery solutions that are standard designs. Our standard designs have already been engineered, tested, and are currently in live production lines. Each is available for customization to meet your needs and desired production capabilities.

Recent Extruding Equipment Projects

See recent projects to enhance extrusion processes.

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