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Graybill Machines News

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National Apple Pie Day

It’s National Apple Pie Day! A great day to celebrate Graybill’s long history in the baking industry.  In the mid 1950’s Graybill designed/built the first piece of pie baking equipment for the Oehme Bakery in Lititz, Pa.  Graybill Machines has come a long way since then…check out our pie machines under our Custom Equipment tab.

National Skilled Trades Day

It is National Skilled Trades Day! A wonderful day for Graybill Machines to celebrate our valued skilled tradesmen. We are very thankful for the highly skilled welders, fabricators, electrical technicians, and machinists that work on our team to help us provide quality custom-built food processing machinery. Watch some of our crew in action!

National Pretzel Day

It’s National Pretzel Day! We are excited to celebrate National Pretzel Day.  The Graybill Machines Pretzel Extruder is an industry leader that can be configured to produce any pretzel product. These machines are designed for high output production lines.  Check out our pretzel extruders and other pretzel equipment on the Standard Designs…

World Creativity & Innovation Day

Today is World Creativity & Innovation Day! Graybill Machines has a long-standing commitment to creativity and innovation, so much so that innovation is one of our core values that we strive to live every day.  These values have been a key to our success in designing and building quality food processing machinery for the baking, confectionery,…


Rob Wolfgang, Sales Engineer at Graybill Machines, Inc. recently attended the annual PMCA conference. (Professional Manufacturing Confectioners’ Association) This conference offers excellent networking opportunities and allows Graybill Machines to exhibit our custom engineered and built solutions to the confectionery industry.

It’s National Coffee Cake Day!

Graybill Machines is celebrating today with a reflection on this coffee cake cream injection and topping machine designed and built in Lititz, Pa by our skilled engineers,  fabrication, machining and assembly staff.

Pizza Friday!

Pizza Friday at Graybill Machines. The first Friday of each month is Pizza Friday when the staff gets together to enjoy some pizza for lunch.  Everyone pays $5 and can eat up to 4 slices unless there is extra …..then the battle begins for the extra pizza!!!

Graybill Machines News

Graybill Machines is a forward-thinking manufacturer of custom process machines for the food industry. See how Graybill can help you save time & money, increase efficiency, and streamline your processes. While each project we take is unique, we have developed some machinery solutions that are standard designs. Our standard designs have already…

Busy Days at Graybill Machines, Inc.

Busy days at Graybill Machines, Inc. Designing and building custom equipment for the food processing industry. Take a look at what is going on in our Fabrication, Machine and Assembly shops!