Carrier Placing
& Cup Denesting

Carrier Placing
& Cup Denesting

Running a production line at the increased speeds and efficiencies desired today means that placing foils, trays, or cups rapidly and accurately requires automation. We can work with you to provide reliable solutions for your placing and cup denesting needs.

Dependably Place Plates & Denest Cups in Your Line

If your line requires aluminum foil pans, plastic trays, or paper liners, you need confidence that your equipment is denesting and placing them accurately and consistently.


Graybill Machines is experienced at building dropping, placing, and denesting equipment for food manufacturers. Our machines can be designed to work with large stacks of nested liners of all shapes and sizes, configured for single or multiple lanes, or to work with single or multiple sizes. All machines are customized to your specific needs and desired rates to keep production running smoothly.

Watch the video of one of our paper cup de-nesters.

Common Denesting & Setting Processes

Depending on your product and specifications, we can design an automated machine for common or specialized denesting & setting processes, including:

  • Foil pans
  • Baking cups
  • Candy cups
  • Plastic jars & lids
  • Canisters & lids

Standard Designs

While each project we take is unique, we have developed some machinery solutions that are standard designs. Our standard designs have already been engineered, tested, and are currently in live production lines. Each is available for customization to meet your needs and desired production capabilities.

Recent Plate Dropping & Cup Setting Projects

See recent solutions we’ve developed to improve efficiencies with placing plates, cups, and jugs.

Discuss Your Project Needs with Graybill

Interested in seeing how you can automate a process? Contact Graybill Machines and discuss your goals with our team.

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