In addition to our custom equipment for the food industry, Graybill Machines offers specialty manufacturing of parts, subassemblies, and unique projects. Over our long company history, we have taken on a variety of unique and challenging projects. From building custom ballistic garage doors to a massive clevis hinges for stadium video screens, we have the expertise to tackle a variety of projects.


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When local companies need a replacement part, a short run of specialty parts, or a difficult to manufacture project, they turn to Graybill Machines. We bring our experience in innovative engineering and fabrication to every project, including work in the entertainment, construction, and equipment industries.

Our Capabilities

Since 1944, Graybill Machines has gained decades of experience working with all types of materials – from plastics and composites to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our team is skilled at research & development, prototyping, CNC machining & fabrication, welding, finishing, and installation. We are also UL listed panel shop, giving us the capabilities to design & build UL-certified electrical panels.

This water jacketed chocolate hopper was designed and built for a confectionary manufacturing customer. This hopper is designed to hold two different materials, such as peanut butter and chocolate. Each side of the hopper is sealed from the other so that each side can operate at its own temperature. The challenge of building the hopper for the fabricator was to ensure all seams were welded precisely to prevent water leaks.

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