High Efficiency Pie Line

A snack pie baker was replacing two aging pie lines with one new pie line and desired to maximize his line efficiencies. On the old lines, multiple operators had to manually rack off pies ahead of packaging any time there were difficulties. Since the new line was designed for two legs of automated carton loading, no operators would be available to give the immediate attention needed to rack off pies.

From extensive experience with pie manufacturing, Graybill knew that accumulation would be necessary for high line efficiencies, and so designed two accumulators, one for each packaging leg, into the line layout. These continuous first-in, first-out accumulators automatically and instantaneously handle the short shut-downs typical of pie packaging without operator intervention. These units are stacked to conserve floor space, and each have up to 4 minutes accumulation time, eliminating the need for racking off on all but major shut-downs. Additional benefits compared to racking off are that the pies maintain their proper position and orientation, and don’t get damaged by handling.

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