Small Piece Depositor

A manufacturer of cheese snacks was pleased at increasing product sales but needed additional capacity as well as improved manufacturing efficiency. His existing process had variations in individual deposit weights, as well as product that overflowed onto pans and surrounding surfaces, causing wasted cheese that he desired to eliminate.

Graybill’s no shear small-piece depositor, which has been used for shaped deposits of cookie bits in candy moulds and targeted deposits of candy pieces or nut pieces in baking pans, sounded like an ideal solution. Its sophisticated features include vibration-assisted cavity overfill, no-shear adjustable cavity wiping, product loosening before deposit, cavity scouring at deposit to remove any sticking pieces, and registration adjustment and volume fine-tuning while running.

With some special modifications to convert it into a shredded cheese depositor, it makes targeted deposits with less weight variation and eliminates the product waste. The cheese depositor is mounted above conveying equipment that receives the pans and properly registers them to receive the deposits. Set-up for a second product size and multiple pan configurations is easily accommodated by changing HMI entries and installing change parts.

The Graybill depositor equipment installed in the customer’s new plant will assist in achieving his goals to expand his distribution and increase his manufacturing capacity.

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