Apple Bagger

The Graybill Apple Bagger is a complete, compact, self-contained unit which can be fit into tight layouts and is easily installed. Apple groups from your weigher enter the bagger chute and trigger a loading cycle. Apples are not dropped but are controlled and guided as they roll into the bag. After loading, an empty bag moves into position, and a signal to the weigher indicates that the bagger is ready for the next apples. Operators loads empty bags and remove full bags.


The bagger is available in two models: Model ABA fills two-handle plastic bags, while Model ABG fills either two-handle plastic bags or one-handle paper bags. Changeover from one bag type to the other takes about 30 minutes.


Optional features include a fast/slow loading speed to adjust for apple size and characteristics, offline bag printing, and custom feed conveyors.

  • Model ABA fills 2 handle plastic ½ peck bags at rate of 720 to 1020 per hour
  • Model ABG fills 2 handle plastic or 1 handle paper bags. Bag changeover is approximately 30 minutes.
  • A variety of configurations available to meet scale and packing room layouts.

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