Center Feeder for Chocolate Enrobing Lines

Designed to maximize throughput, the Graybill Center Feeder for chocolate enrobing lines is available in widths to fit each specific line. This feeder takes manually or automatically dumped product and reduces it to a single layer while closing empty spaces. It then separates the product into lanes with variable spacing between and discharges it onto the enrober belt.  Improvements over other lines can be expected by decreasing the number of doubles and piggybacks, reducing the need for operator attention and increasing the output of the line.

  • 24”, 32”, 34”, 40”, 51” to fit most standard enrober sizes
  • Other custom sizes available to fit any width enrober
  • Standard hopper, high capacity hopper or extended infeed belt
  • Wide range of lane guides depending on product
  • Retractable input nose to eliminate broken pieces
  • Plastic or smooth belt output
  • Line speeds from 3-30 FPM

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