Pretzel Extruder

The Graybill Machines Pretzel Extruder is an industry leader that can be configured to produce virtually any pretzel product and will give years of trouble-free operation.  Graybill pretzel extruders are specifically designed for high output production lines.  The undivided dough hopper and prefeed are standard equipment and simplify the dough loading process. Plastic augers and stainless-steel barrels make a sanitary system that is extremely reliable and pushes more dough with less pressure than other extruders.  The HMI touchscreen controls allow for precise, accurate and repeatable tuning of the extruder. The Graybill extruder utilizes a robust proven design that has been in production for over 25 years.


  • Available in 84”, 72”, 60” 48”, 36” and 18” widths
  • Capable of producing rods, shapes, twists and filled products.
  • Completely fills the entire width of your proofer belt with no gaps
  • Unmatched output exceeding 3000 pounds per hour
  • Large capacity open hopper with dough pre-feed standard
  • Rugged construction
  • Heavy duty drives

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