Snack Pie Machine Model 15868

Manufacture your 2 crust snack pies on the Graybill Model 15868 Pie Machine. This machine features inline dough sheeting, modern HMI controls, and a robust sanitary stainless-steel frame. A servo-controlled piston fruit depositor pump is available to eliminate giveaway and produce an accurate pie fill, while the robust mechanical crimper ensures the dough sheets are sealed and crimped. The model 15868 is a proven machine that will yield years of trouble-free operation.

  • Inline sheeting
  • Dedicated size 3”-5”
  • Multiple filler options
  • 200-300 pies per minute (12000-18000 per hour)
  • HMI Controls
  • Robust welded tubular construction
  • Sanitation ease with open sides for easy cleaning
  • Safe operation with guards, switched safety doors at press, and full-length emergency stop cables along machine, all connected to a dedicated safety controller

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